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How To Talk So LITTLE Kids Will Listen

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Are you worn out by sibling strife, bedtime battles, food fights, and clean up conflicts? Are you tired of tantrums and meltdowns? Do you wish you had a button to press that would make kids just behave? We provide the buttons! Users choose from the following categories and click through questions that guide them to instant tips and advice. 

* I want to help my child with difficult feelings

* I want my child to do something (or stop doing something)

* I need some alternatives to punishment

* I want to encourage my child

* Help! My kids are fighting!

When you’re deep in the trenches with no time to think, this app will help you pull through. Whether your child is terrified of the neighbor’s toothless toy poodle, reluctant to brush his teeth, angry because she can’t play with your smartphone in the bathtub, or punching his brother in the stomach, you will find creative, effective, sometimes humorous solutions, with concrete examples and dialog to help you through the crisis.


HOW TO TALK is an interactive set of tools that offer aid to the parent under siege.


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