What people say about Julie King’s services

Julie’s classes have changed my whole approach to parenting. I HIGHLY recommend her to every parent. The techniques that she teaches are refreshingly different and really work in practice. If you feel like you have ‘tried everything’ with your child, I urge you to try this.
Sabra Ballon

Julie King is fabulous! My wife and I took her workshop and found it very valuable and a lot of fun… packed with outstanding ideas and laughter that pay big dividends at home!
Greg Tull

I just attended a workshop with Julie King. It is LIFE-CHANGING. Truly, these methods are novel and they feel a little weird sometimes but I cannot BELIEVE how well they work. It is almost like I came home to different kids!…
Heather Ruben

Thanks so much for participating!  We got such great feedback from your talk!  We had moms writing in that they thought it was too simple and wouldn’t work for their child and then they were shocked when it did. 

Thanks for what you do!
Desi Ward, Mom Conference organizer

Julie’s workshop was immensely helpful, practical and insightful.  I have taken many classes in order to become a licensed teacher, but none were as useful in my everyday work with the children in my classroom. I wholeheartedly recommend her!
Sita Khufu, Teacher at San Anselmo Preschool

Your talk was TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!!! We all enjoyed every bit of your presentation, and it was very helpful for us.
I love the humor incorporated throughout your talk. 
Nakako Uritani

Aloha Pediatric Dentistry

We had such an incredible evening hosting Julie King, Parent Educator and “How To Talk” Trainer and author of “How to to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen”! Her thoughts on fully hearing and acknowledging our children to become better communicators left us all inspired!
Christa Reed

Bennett Day School

The workshop exceeded my expectations. I actually had a lot of doubts about taking a parenting class (assuming it would be hokey) – and it has been totally inspirational.
Lisa, mother of two

Julie King did a Parenting talk on “How To Talk so Little Kids will Listen” for our library. Julie is a warm and engaging speaker, with humor spread throughout the program. She quickly establishes camaraderie between herself and the parents. Her real life stories and examples make the material easy to understand and make it more transferable to one’s own parenting approach. She allowed time for questions from parents, many of which seemed very challenging, but she was able to address the parents’ questions with practical suggestions. Julie King’s talk generated more public interest than we have ever seen with other programs. News of her upcoming talk spread via social media with parents chiming in about how important and helpful the “How To Talk So Little Kids will Listen” book was for them, calling it a “game changer”. Hundreds of parents were interested to come to hear Julie King speak.
Julie Jackson

Mountain View Public Library

Dear Julie,

Alan and I found your workshop a lifesaver. We learned not only how to acknowledge our kids feelings but also each others’.  It has literally transformed our lives. We definitely feel more in control as parents. There is a way, a different language to talk to kids and this is what we learned from you. Like any language we just have to keep on practicing it. We are looking forward to your new book as well as your future workshops. 

Again, I cannot state enough how grateful I am for this workshop.

Thank you!
Deniz Yucel, mother of twins

This workshop definitely met expectations: provided a lot of positive suggestions, concrete examples, relevant stories from other parents to help improve communications/behavior with our child. Reading materials are good, but more valuable is Julie’s ability as facilitator and teacher. She’s a great listener, and very good at providing relevant answers. I would definitely recommend it to other parents
Robert, father of one

I would absolutely recommend this workshop. I developed a lot of new parenting skills and approaches. I only wish I had learned some of these approaches earlier.
Lauren, mother of two

I loved the open-minded and welcoming style Julie used. She modeled great listening skills and always invited me to see things from the child’s perspective, which was so useful. Cheer and high energy that lady has!
Tina, mother of one

I found myself asking a lot of questions as to how to handle different situations with my kids and finding answers that were very helpful.
Dave, father of two

I absolutely recommend this workshop. It offers hands-on skills that are easy to put to use. I’ve read a lot of books on self-esteem, child rearing, etc., and very few have offered such useful skills.
Laura, mother of two

These are wonderful discussions that help to make automatic more respectful and thoughtful responses to our child ‘in the heat of the moment.
Dina, mother of one

I can’t thank you enough for this class. It has totally changed my outlook on home life and parenting.
Lila, mother of two

Julie has a masterful ability to use humor and personal experience to lead group members to sometimes deep insights into their own emotions and prejudices, which is often at the heart of communicating with children.
Steve, father of two

The skills addressed [in the workshop] are very valuable, ethical and effective. They are also very hard to practice – despite the available books – without the context of regular group discussion and Julie’s warm and insightful guidance.
Alix, mother of three

This program is very helpful in helping parents find alternatives to punishment.
Robin, mother of two

I highly recommend this class. It is highly effective and really gives the skills needed to improve communication and improve relationships – not only with children, but adults as well. It far exceeded my expectations. Julie’s style makes learning easy.
Carolyn, mother of one


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