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“How To Talk” and “Parenting During the Pandemic”
Keynotes, Talks and Trainings

Julie’s lively keynotes, talks and trainings offer an overview and introduction to the How To Talk approach. With engaging, real-life examples, Julie shows her audience why typical strategies backfire, and offers better ways to communicate and connect with kids. Whether online or in person, her interactive style is entertaining, fun and informative. Your audience will leave with concrete tools and strategies they can implement immediately. Time is reserved for Q & A. 

Julie’s presentation can be tailored to the specific issues and challenges of your organization. In addition to parent groups, she has presented to a diverse range of audiences, including preschool and elementary school teachers, employees of global companies working at home during the pandemic, family physicians, family law attorneys, pediatric residents, child and adolescent psychiatry residents, and pediatric dentists. The talk is helpful and appropriate to anyone who lives or works with young children.

Julie did four workshops for New Relic; two for parents of kids under 10 years old and two for parents of kids age 10 and up. Almost 3 months into the pandemic, our employees were feeling the strain of non-stop parenting given school and preschool closures. So we brought in Julie to do some education and share strategies for effective parenting. 

Julie’s sessions were very well received. She put people at ease right away by assuring them that she wasn’t there to make them feel guilty. Then she quickly moved into educating them, reassuring them by normalizing the behaviors kids are demonstrating right now, acknowledging the challenges, and answering their questions. Julie shared many personal stories and specific things to try out, so the sessions were relatable and useful. 

We appreciated Julie’s willingness to respond to our employee’s challenges and questions, and also her flexibility with scheduling to accommodate people in different time zones. The feedback from attendees has been very favorable. We would definitely recommend Julie to other organizations who are looking for ways to support their parents. 

Here are a few quotes from attendees: 

“This was such a good session! I already utilized one of Julie’s tricks last night: I made my son’s toothbrush talk and within seconds he went from not wanting to brush his teeth to giggling and coming into the bathroom to get that toothbrush in his mouth.”

“Great advice from Julie King! I will be trying some tricks and tips out on my 2yr old.”

“Thanks for putting this session together. It is so relatable. The key takeaway for me is to acknowledge children’s emotions. Acknowledging my child’s disappointment makes her feel heard and respected, which calms her down and reduces her need to whine.”


Marca Clark

Senior Director, Talent & Organizational Development, New Relic

We recently hosted Julie King to speak to the parents in our community. Julie was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her presentation is interactive, engaging and very informative. She is a talented speaker and kept the audience entertained and engaged throughout. At the question and answer session at the end, Julie took the time to listen to people’s questions and unique situations and tried to see it from their perspective. I highly recommend Julie, her book, and her talk!

Devorah Bush

Camp Aleph Director

Julie King came to our dental practice and spoke to us about how to talk to kids – the amazing thing is that she tailored the entire talk to be relevant to things we encounter on a daily basis in our pediatric dental practice. As I read her book I tried to think of dental scenarios in my head, but nothing was better than the actual author going through the dental scenarios with us. We listened to her advice and also had opportunities to come up with our own answers and act it out. Everyone in the practice from the doctors, front office, to  back office staff appreciated the talk. Also Julie’s talk allowed for us to have a meeting that created positive feelings for everyone. Any organization that works with kids would greatly benefit from having Julie as a speaker.
Dr. Nakako Uritani

Aloha Pediatric Dentistry

“How To Talk” Workshops


The “How To Talk So LITTLE Kids Will Listen” Workshop meets either online or in person for two hours a week over four-weeks, or in a one-day intensive format for busy parents. The workshop can be geared to parents of children from preschool to teen age. Each session covers a new topic, such as helping children deal with difficult feelings; engaging children’s cooperation; alternatives to punishment; and problem solving – with experiential exercises, skill building, and practice exercises. Parents are encouraged to ask questions and share their stories throughout the workshop. 

Why sponsor this workshop?

            • Most people learn best by doing, asking questions, and having fun.
              These workshops teach through interactive exercises and allow plenty of time for parents to ask questions and brainstorm strategies for their current challenges.
            • Often advice is too general (“children need limits” and “love your children unconditionally”) and it’s hard to know how to implement in the moment, like when your preschooler won’t stop whining, your grade-schooler won’t put on his shoes, and your teen won’t clean up her mess – and they’re all late to school! These workshops help parents learn the specific language that sets limits, conveys love, supports autonomy, and respects individual differences, all while managing the little moments – like getting out the door on time!
            • Raising children has become an isolated and isolating endeavor for too many parents. These workshops create a culture of sharing and support, where parents can connect to others with similar challenges.

“Thanks so much for the entertaining and informative presentation you gave at Franklin Elementary School in Alameda.  Feedback from participants has been extremely positive. The material you presented was useful and practical… Participants appreciated the realistic and appropriate examples you used in your presentation, as well as your responsiveness to their specific questions. Additionally, your warm, engaging, and humorous presentation style made the time fly by.  Thank you again.”

Amy Price

Franklin PTA President

“Julie’s workshop was immensely helpful, practical and insightful.  I have taken many classes in order to become a licensed teacher, but none were as useful in my everyday work with the children in my classroom. I wholeheartedly recommend her!”

Sita Khufu

Teacher, San Anselmo Preschool

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Partial List of Sponsoring Organizations:


  • Morgan Stanley (online “Parenting During the Pandemic” presentation)
  • MST Consulting, AZ
  • Parents at Patterson, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP, NY
  • Salesforce (online talk for employees and customers during the pandemic)
  • Elastic (online talk for employees and customers during the pandemic)
  • Childrens MN (grand rounds online talk)
  • Kaiser physicians, SF
  • Child Care Success Summit in Orlando, FL (keynote with Joanna Faber)
  • Arapahoe Library District’s Early Learning Annual Conference, CO (keynote with Joanna Faber)
  • New Relic (online talk for employees during the pandemic)
  • Bank Leumi (online talk for employees during the pandemic)
  • Voorhesville Public Library (online workshop for patrons)
  • Mt. Tam School, Mill Valley CA
  • Payne Elementary School, San Jose CA
  • Children’s Day School, San Francisco CA
  • Pine Crest School, Kensington, CA
  • Bennett Day School, Chicago IL
  • Green Bean Books, Beijing, China
  • Twins by the Bay, Oakland CA
  • (online)
  • Lamesa Unified School District, Lamesa TX (Keynote Speaker)
  • Marion County Children and Families Commission, Parenting Conference, Keizer, Oregon (Keynote Speaker and workshop presenter)
  • Mountain View Public Library, CA
  • Children’s Nurturing Project, Fairfield, CA
  • Reed Union School District, Tiburon CA
  • Congregation Beth El, Berkeley, CA
  • Office of Pediatric Alternatives, Mill Valley, CA
  • Parents Place of Marin
  • Parents Place of San Francisco
  • Parents Place of San Mateo, and of Palo Alto
  • Marin Horizon School
  • Learning as Leadership
  • Marin Montessori School
  • Presidio Hill School
  • Attachment Parenting International
  • Southern Marin Mothers Club
  • Corte Madera/Larkspur Mothers Club
  • Marin Parents of Multiples Club
  • Ring Mountain Day School
  • JCC of San Francisco
  • JCC of Marin, ECE
  • California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools, Conference Workshop presenter
  • Brookside Elementary School (San Anselmo)
  • Franklin Elementary School (Alameda)
  • The Mulberry School (Los Gatos)
  • Hilldale School, Daly City, CA (Parenting workshops and Teacher training)
  • San Francisco School
  • Marin Country Day School
  • Ross Valley Mothers Club
  • Belvedere-Hawthorne Nursery School

For larger events, Julie King and Joanna Faber
can present together.

Here is a snippet from an online parenting conference:



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